Woodhouse English-Greek Dictionary

<b>Woodhouse English-Greek Dictionary</b>
Woodhouse English-Greek Dictionary
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At the request of scholars in the field, I am making the rare and very useful Woodhouse English-Greek Dictionary available on CD.

English-Greek Dictionary A Vocabulary of the Attic Language by S. C. WOODHOUSE, M.A. Late Scholar of Christ Church, Oxford London George Routledge & Sons, Limited Broadway House, Ludgate Hill, E.C. 1910

The University of Chicago has generously made available on the Web images of the pages of the original edition of this book. But in that online version, the pages are in a database. When you search for a particular word, you can see an image of the page on which that word appears. But you can't browse to find out what words are available, and the spellings are British, so the word you want might be there but spelled differently that you would have imagined. (e.g., centre, colour, colonise, defence, diarrhoea, to-day.

The Greek characters mean that "plain-text" isn't an option for this book. So I did the CD version as a series of images of the pages of the original book, with a linked index page that lists all the English words that are defined. This means that you can search or browse through the index page to find the word you want and then click to see an image of the original book page with that word with the ancient Greek equivalents. (With Microsoft's IE browser, click on the image to see it larger). Please note that since the heart of the work is in the form of images, unfortunately, this CD version (like the version on the Web) will not be useful for the blind.

Since the original book is over 1000 pages long, it took a while for me to type in all the English words and make links to the associated images.

FYI -- I also added an "autorun" feature to this CD, so when you put it in your CD drive, your Web browser launches and connects to the index page. I'd appreciate feedback from customers who buy this CD to let me know if I should include this feature on all my CDs and DVDs.

Since this book is not in our usual format, I will not be including it on any of our book collection CDs or DVDs -- it is only available as a standalone book.

To check the look and feel of this CD, please go to www.samizdat.com/woodhouse That Web page shows the front matter from the book and has links to the first few pages of the dictionary, so you can get a feel for how this works. The index document on the CD lists all the words with links to the images of all the pages.