Book Collections on DVD

Book collections on CD are far less expensive and more convenient than printed books; and book collections on DVD are far less expensive and more convenient than CD.

Our book DVDs have nothing in common with movie DVDs. We use the DVDs to store books -- thousands of books (4.7 Gigabytes worth).

These book DVDs do not work in the kind of video DVD players that you hook up to a television set. Rather they work in the DVD drive in a Windows PC -- and the vast majority of new PCs sold today come with a DVD/CD drive as standard equipment.

Because the complete text of so many books can fit on a single DVD, we are able to keep the price very low. Our Complete Book 3-DVD set includes 19,304 books and sells for just $149. That amounts to less than a penny a book. Designed for ease of use without any need for computer knowledge, this is, by far, our best bargain.

The Complete Book 3-DVD set includes all the books of the Classic Collection (American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Children's Books, Non-Fiction, Religion, and Books about Classical Music, plus Cook Books, plus Victoriana, plus Australian Literature, plus Canadian Literature. The books on the DVDs are organized the same way the CDs are -- with an overall index and a separate directory for each CD, and each of those folders has the same folders as the CD does, as well as the same index as the CD.

Our Period DVD includes all the books of the Period Collection (Ancient World, Medieval/Renaissance, 16th Century, 17th Century, 18th Century, and Latin in All Time Periods).

Our Author DVD includes all the books from our 72 Author CDs.

Our CDs and DVDs are all "hand-crafted". The selection and organization is based on my decisions, not on any automated computer program. I do my best to provide what you want and need in a form that's convenient, easy to use, and inexpensive.

Whenever we update any of the CDs included on one of our DVDs, we'll immediately update the DVD. And if you buy a book DVD from us, you can buy updates to that DVD -- with all the books -- for just $30. (That's $30 per DVD; so the update for the Complete Book 3-DVD set costs $90).

The books on the DVD are in plain text (ASCII) form, with no encryption and no compression. The file names are the same as the book titles (no bizarre abbreviations). The books organized into logical folders/directories (by author or topic), and an html index with links to all the books makes it easy to quickly open the book you want. The DVD includes the text and only the text.

Keep in mind that with the DVD and with our CDs, there is nothing to prevent you from copying some of all of the files to your hard drive. And yes, once you have done that (whether through Windows Explorer or wordpad or your browser or whatever), you can make and save edits/notations etc. (NB -- in some cases, the program that does the copying will automatically mark the copied file as "read-only". If you run into that, just go to the Properties for that file and remove the "Read-Only" indication.)

If you don't have a DVD drive in your current PC, you might want to consider buying an add-on external drive (for around $100).